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Rating: 2.5

# MacroHard WeakEdge


- Download the `pptm` file.
- Extract the contents.
- Navigate to `MacroHard WeakEdge\Forensics is fun\ppt\slideMasters`.
- There we shall see a file named `hidden`.


- It contains the `Base64` encoded text.
- So [decoding](https://www.base64decode.org/) it will give the flag.

Z m x h Z z o g c G l j b 0 N U R n t E M W R f d V 9 r b j B 3 X 3 B w d H N f c l 9 6 M X A 1 f Q


Flag --> picoCTF{D1d_u_kn0w_ppts_r_z1p5}

Original writeup (https://github.com/a3X3k/Bi0s/tree/master/CTFs/Pico21/MacroHard%20WeakEdge).