# Challenge Name: queen-of-the-hill

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## Description

After finding a special key of the Hill, which contains a note to visit the Queen of the Hill, our brave Amanda begins her adventure to find the Queen of the Hill’s treasure. How shall she meet the Queen of the Hill? (a=0)

Cipher text: rtca{vbuhp_kaiq_gfj_nx_rda_ujw}

Encryption key:

16 25 8

14 19 5

15 17 3

## Detailed solution

We have a mention for **Hill** in the description let's search for Hill cipher https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hill_cipher

Hill cipher use a matrice n x n as key wich is similar to the encryption key in the description

Let's decode the Hill ciphertext with the key matrice 3x3 i'll use https://www.dcode.fr/hill-cipher


## Flag


Original writeup (https://github.com/BaadMaro/CTF/tree/main/HSCTF%202021/Crypto%20-%20queen-of-the-hill).