# c-brother-2 (49 solves, 483 points)

## Description:
It looks like AC01010 and JC01010's third twin has changed their profile picture!

Note: It may be helpful to solve c-brother-1 before c-brother-2

Please respect the privacy of our organizers and do not OSINT any of our organizers. None of the flags are hidden on our own social media sites or other accounts. This challenge includes BC01010 and this person only. Do not visit any other profiles, including JC01010, AC, or any other organizers. Thank you.

## Solution:
The Youtube channel used is [this](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqZq81jZcdjAHQJ3UtAbdaA) and it mentions their profile picture. This gave us the idea to look on the wayback machine to see if they had a previous profile picture. It turns out it was that simple, and we found the flag easily by looking for captures before the competition.


## Flag:
`flag{[email protected]_fla6}`

Original writeup (https://github.com/BASHing-thru-challenges/HSCTF-2021-Writeups/tree/main/misc/c-brother-2).