### TL;DR
Search 'unpuzzler7' in google.You will find [giter account](https://giters.com/swagkarna?tab=following&amp=1) in google results. Next,there is a repo called [cyberpatriot-stuff](https://giters.com/realunpuzzler7?amp=1) at that account. In that repo there are a lot of texts under the title 'cyberpatriot-resources' .Read closely and you will find a gmail address at

if anyone is orz at pwn please send me an email at [email protected]

And send whatever you want to that address and it will reply with a mail containing a flag


flag ```ictf{1_h0p3_y0u_d1dnt_d0x_y0urs3lf_92bc1032}```

Original writeup (https://github.com/MikelAcker/CTF_WRITEUPS_2021/tree/main/ImaginaryCTF_2021_Writeup/Forensics/Unpuzzled%201).