Tags: lsb-oracle parity rsa 


**Full write-up:** https://www.sebven.com/ctf/2021/07/29/ImaginaryCTF2021-ZKPoD.html

Crypto – 400 pts (19 solves) – Chall author: Robin_Jadoul

Sending a cipher text to the server returns a flawed ‘Zero Knowledge Proof of Decryption’. This ZKPoD protocol however leaks the parity of the decrypted cipher text, allowing us to abuse the server as a LSB oracle. Using a rather straightforward attack we can recover the decrypted flag in O(2\*2log(n)) (~4096) server calls. Lucky for us, plumbers are typically slow to arrive ;).

Original writeup (https://www.sebven.com/ctf/2021/07/29/ImaginaryCTF2021-ZKPoD.html).