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# OSINT The Creator
## Introduction

![Challenge Description](https://github.com/Niasio/CTF-UIUCTF2021/blob/main/OSINT/OSINT_The_Creator/challenge.JPG?raw=true)

To solve the *OSINT The Creator* challenge, you just have to do some simple research.
Thanks to the description we quickly understand that the flag is on one of the **profiles of the creator** of this challenge.
It's indicated that the author is "**Thomas**".

Using the hint (which was: "*It's on Discord :)*"), you have to look for the discord of dear Thomas.

## Researches

Two cases are possible:
- Thomas has the name "Thomas" on Discord
- Thomas doesn't have the same Discord name.

Fortunately for us, we see that an admin is called Thomas, it's probably him :D.
If it wasn't the case, we would have had to search the word Thomas in the Discord server via the search tool, or find a social network and compare the nicknames.

![Discord Admins](https://github.com/Niasio/CTF-UIUCTF2021/blob/main/OSINT/OSINT_The_Creator/thomas_admin.JPG?raw=true)

If he wasn't online, just look at the announcement messages and we would have seen an admin named Thomas.
We **click on his profile** and we get this:

![Thomas Profile](https://github.com/Niasio/CTF-UIUCTF2021/blob/main/OSINT/OSINT_The_Creator/profil_thomas.JPG?raw=true)

## Flag

We see that **there is a spoiler** in its description, how about opening it?


Pretty cool Discord right?

*This is my very first writeup, I hope you liked it ;)*

Original writeup (https://github.com/Niasio/CTF-UIUCTF2021/blob/main/OSINT/OSINT_The_Creator/README.md).