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# CTFs

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## Description
wasm's a cool new technology! http://wasmbaby.chal.uiuc.tf

author: ian5v

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## Summary
This was a beginner challenge, and the solution is found by inspecting the wasm file that is ran on the website.

## Flag

## Detailed solution
When connecting to the website, you are prompted with a screen as below.

![Root of Website](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Diplodongus/CTFs/main/UIUCTF2021/img/WASMBABY/1-root.png)

Pressing **CTRL+SHIFT+i** brings up the developer console in chrome.

![Dev Console](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Diplodongus/CTFs/main/UIUCTF2021/img/WASMBABY/2-dev-console.png)

On this screen, selecting the **Sources** tab, we can see there is a file called “index.wasm”.


In this index page, I just did a seach of “CTF” and found the solution towards the bottom.


Flag found is uiuctf{welcome_to_wasm_e3c3bdd1}.

## Another solution
There is likely another solution involving the developer console tab / trying to get that part of wasm to execute so the flag shows up under “hello, world”. This was the simplest solution for me.

Original writeup (https://github.com/Diplodongus/CTFs/blob/main/UIUCTF2021/wasmbaby.md).