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UIUCTF 2021 - Wasmbaby (Beginner) Writeup

Type - Web
Name - Wasmbaby
Points - 50


wasm's a cool new technology! http://wasmbaby.chal.uiuc.tf

author: ian5v

"wasm" stand for "WebAssembly". Wasm is a programming lanaguage is to run many programming language in website. It can be convert to WebAssembly in your javascript.

Wasm file finding:
In this case, In "index.js" we can see "index.wasm".So go to url like this ("http://wasmbaby.chal.uiuc.tf/index.wasm").

YOu will get binary file. So we can used "strings" in linux to find what was going on.
And We got our flag.

Flag: uiuctf{welcome_to_wasm_e3c3bdd1}

Video writeup: https://youtu.be/QbCv5gd2nFc