Writeup URL: [GitHub](https://infosecstreams.github.io/csaw21/lazy-leaks/)
# Lazy Leaks

Writeup by: [SinDaRemedy](https://github.com/sindaremedy)

Team: [OnlyFeet](https://ctftime.org/team/144644)

Writeup URL: [GitHub](https://infosecstreams.github.io/csaw21/lazy-leaks/)


Someone at a company was supposedly using an unsecured communication channel. A dump of company communications was created to find any sensitive info leaks. See if you can find anything suspicious or concerning.

## You Get a String! And You Get a String!

Downloading the [`Lazy_Leaks.pcapng`](./Lazy_Leaks.pcapng) file searched the file for strings then grepped for flag in the string.

$ strings Lazy_Leaks.pcapng | grep flag

## Victory

Submit the flag and claim the points:


Original writeup (https://infosecstreams.github.io/csaw21/lazy-leaks/).