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1. Turing refers to [Alan Turing](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Turing), who decoded Enigma cipher during WWII
2. M3 UKW B refers to model 3 of enigma machine (yeah, WWII, no computers) and reflector B (one of the parts that could be replaced, part of the key)
3. We still need to know types and positions for 3 rotors (also replacable parts required for decoding)
4. Turing was able to decode it because plaintext had predictable patterns. We have only 4 words, hard to guess. This means, that the task is **impossible**.
5. But the author did and verified it somehow... What if he just googled "_enigma online_" and used defaults from that website for both encoding and test decoding?
6. Around the top of google results there is a website called **cryptii**. It has exactly the same way of representing model (M3) and reflector (UKW B), might be the same website used by the author.
7. Enable foreign symbols and you will see human-readable text. Seems like it is a flag. It is incorrect.
8. Other flags look like `flag{...}`... Maybe, author forgot to mention that we need to add that? Yes, adding that construction makes the flag correct.