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## SpiralCI (496 pts - 23 solves) write up

This was a good challenge, it uses a new attack technique called Dependency Confusing Attack.

Web interfaces:

I looked at the cookie and got a jwt:
After fuzzing and finding other interfaces to attack, i found nothing so i decided to attack on JWT.

Using jwt.io:

So i tried modify jwt's algorithm to none and userid to 1.

Then i got this:

Seems like it's an admin account and it's disabled, so i changed userid to 2

So it worked, so basically there are two Nodejs packages, and the chall let me run the CI test and view their logs. So i downloaded the zip files.

They are basically two simple Nodejs projects, and there are an important file package.json in 'calculator' package

Then i tried running the 'calculator' project and view it's log.

First idea of mine was to overwrite the script in package.json to read the flag. But after finding for a while, i found nothing, i can't modify the project because they are admin's projects.

Admin account was disabled so i can't log in as admin either.

Then i decided to look at other chall and comeback with it later

After starting do this chall again, i found out that the package "calc_ph6avsgeed" (in this write up i will use the same package tho) was used in the last time now has a different name. So i think this package maybe my entry to find the flag.

The logs show that the project used private registry, so i was thinking of a way to takeover the package with npm public module.

And then i found this article: https://digital.nhs.uk/cyber-alerts/2021/cc-3751
And this about how to publish a npm module: https://zellwk.com/blog/publish-to-npm/


So i created a npm package with the name "calc_ph6avsgeed" and version: 1.0.1 and the "preinstall" script to list the file in current folder.

Then publishing it to npm public registry.


I got the following result:


So we got RCE on server

Looks at the path to pwd, after listing for a while, i found the flag is located at /usr/src/app/flag.txt


And launch the test, then view the log:


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Original writeup (https://github.com/letronghoangminh/CTF-Writeups/blob/master/Web/H@cktivityCon%202021%20-%20SpiralCI/README.md).