Tags: signals game-hacking math 


Modifying the conch client-side info, you can get discrete distances as well as your current 3d point location. Using this info, you can get relativley close to the bunny then create a small triangle around it (sampling points). Sample 3 points, then use any triangulation algorithm. We used intersection of three spheres. After getting the exact point of the bunny, you must teleport there. Modify the client `update_player` code to allow for tp.

Full writeup: [https://mahaloz.re/tasteless-21-tasteless-shores/#tp-hacks-challenge-conch](https://mahaloz.re/tasteless-21-tasteless-shores/#tp-hacks-challenge-conch)

Original writeup (https://mahaloz.re/tasteless-21-tasteless-shores/#tp-hacks-challenge-conch).