Tags: acoustic-keylogger 


I used the keytap2 tool from the Gerganov's kbd-audio github repo [https://github.com/ggerganov/kbd-audio](https://github.com/ggerganov/kbd-audio).

[I downloaded source](https://github.com/ggerganov/kbd-audio) and compiled and ran the tool locally, but there is an online in-browser wasm based version at [https://keytap2.ggerganov.com/](https://keytap2.ggerganov.com/) (Only works in chrome)

I couldn't figure out how to import the wave file, so I just played it on my speakers and had the tool record.

The space key is easy to identify because it sounds like 2 clicks.The tool seemed to identify the space keys as being two key presses, which was problematic. However, if you double-click on the box around the wave-form, it will undetect it as a keypress, so i did that for the "second" keypress of all the space keys. At the same time, I marked them all as spaces in the hints. It seems important for the tool that you identify at least some of the spaces manually.

Then I let the tool do its thing for a little while. When the suggestions suggested something that looked like an english word, I marked it as a hint. This worked for about 95% of the puzzle. The remaining 5% I looked at the similarity graph to see which keys the missing keys were most similar to, and marked them as hints appropriately, until i got the entire puzzle.