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# Blood Bash | Forensics
[Original writeup](https://github.com/TheArchPirate/ctf-writeups/blob/main/DEADFACE/forensics/blood-bash.md)

## Description
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We've obtained access to a system maintained by bl0ody_mary. There are five flag files that we need you to read and submit. Submit the contents of flag1.txt.

Username: bl0ody_mary

Password: d34df4c3


## Solution
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We have been provided with credentials to SSH to the bloodbash machine. Doing this we land in the home directory of Bl0ody_mary.

To quickly find the flag the following command was run:

`find flag / | grep flag`

This provides us with the following output

find: '/var/lib/apt/lists/partial': Permission denied
find: '/run/sudo': Permission denied
find: '/root': Permission denied

We can now see where flag1.txt is. After naivgating to this directory we can use cat to get the flag.

## Flag
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