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# Persistence Pays Off | Traffic Analysis
[Original writeup](https://github.com/TheArchPirate/ctf-writeups/blob/main/DEADFACE/traffic-analysis/persistence-pays-off.md)

## Desciption
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Luciafer might have just bit off more than she can chew! She has encountered an adversary that is counter-attacking her system!

Luciafer's Lytton Labs adversary executed a command to attain persistence on her computer. This command will allow the adversary to regain a connection to her computer again later, even if she reboots it.

What is the packet number where this command is executed. For example: flag{93721}.

## Location of PCAP
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You can find a copy of this pcap in my writeups repository. If you would like a copy, please go to:


## Solution
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We shall carry on from Luciafer's Fatal Error in this challenge. In the TCP stream we can see a file ll-connect.bin getting written as a cron job.


Searching for the string will lead us to this. We now have the packet number.

## Flag
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