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For this challenge we were provided with the database and we need to filter of the data.

Challenge statement :-
De Monne has reason to believe that DEADFACE will target loans issued by employees in California. It only makes sense that they'll then target the city with the highest dollar value of loans issued. Which city in California has the most money in outstanding Small Business loans? Submit the city and dollar value as the flag in this format: flag{City_$#,###.##}
Use the MySQL database dump from Body Count

Solution :-
Steps :-
1) seperate out data of employe and loan from given database file (unzip the demonne.zip file (password-d34df4c3) which consist of data)
2) For the given challenge we need to filter as per this hirarchy:-
employees from CA -> employee who gave loan of type 3 (Small Business) -> City with max of balance

Code:- Can be found in resources as .py file

Code Output :-
Riverside 13723.0
San Diego 15231.0
Long Beach 33404.0
Oakland 22549.0
Sacramento 40566.0
Garden Grove 23228.0
Fresno 26201.0
Inglewood 15851.0
San Jose 33641.0
Burbank 5892.0
Ventura 12855.0
Fresno 2669.0
Oakland 33882.0
San Diego 3572.0
Pasadena 31949.0
North Hollywood 45467.0
San Jose 1016.0
Van Nuys 25293.0
Oakland 5872.0
Santa Clara 43950.0
Bakersfield 40110.0
Santa Cruz 20615.0
Oakland 28297.0
North Hollywood 18601.0
San Diego 36185.0
Petaluma 25157.0
Concord 10976.0
San Francisco 37824.0
Fullerton 32850.0
Inglewood 30168.0
Santa Monica 29365.0
Huntington Beach 44377.0
Garden Grove 24187.0
Bakersfield 46094.0
San Francisco 25511.0
Los Angeles 37324.0
Stockton 37270.0
Fresno 21936.0
Fresno 18182.0
Pasadena 41143.0
Santa Barbara 41095.0
Santa Ana 32418.0
San Francisco 17398.0
Stockton 2359.0
Whittier 5141.0

Now we can sum up which city have highest balance and arrange in flag format :
flag{Oakland_$90,600.00} [if i remember flag was this not sure]

Original writeup (https://github.com/ash-S26/DEADFACE-CTF-WRITE-UP/commit/3d8454760e8f6e6076b5f2fd46768350f7f2879e).