# Decode me
* "There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth."
## Target
* [\*] Decode the string. thats simple :D
## Solution
* they gave us weird string!
* `Zm(xhZ(3tm-NGR-rM2-dre)DRm)Yjg)xZG"YwY"Xc0"dl9\iQX\MzN\jRf*aXN*fQX*czc~zBt~M30~K`
* u can decode it using [cyberchef](https://gchq.github.io/CyberChef/)
* when u see this for the first time u will wtf is that!
* but when u look close you will figure out that's base64 and some random special characters
* simple and ez goahead and decode it :D
* **flag : flag{f4dk3gkx4fb81df0aw4v_bAs364_is_Aw3s0m3}**

Original writeup (https://github.com/MustafaRaad7/Winja-CTF-Writeups/blob/main/Decode%20me/README.md).