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This post has writeups for the n1ctf 2021.
## 1. Signin (web)
1. In this challenge, we are given a link to a PHP website. The source code is as follows:
echo "

2. We have a hint saying that the flag is at the path "/flag". We have a 'path' variable that takes input from the POST request and we have a 'time' variable that takes input from the raw POST data only if the time variable in GET request is set. So we control the inputs in two places.
3. There is a blacklist for the POST variable 'path'. It means that we cannot set 'path' to be '/flag'. Let's look at the other input variable 'time'. It takes as input the raw POST data of request and saves it in a file. That filename is returned back to the user.
4. If the 'path' variable is not empty, it is passed to a blacklist filter, the contents of the file specified by 'path' are put through a regex, and finally this filtered data is assumed to be a file path. We read that file and send the contents to the user.
5. So the solution is that we send '\/\f\l\a\g' as raw POST data to the 'time' variable. The backslashes stop the date function from parsing the input as a date. It will be saved as a file and that file location will be returned to us. We take that file location and pass it the 'path' variable in the POST request. The contents of '/flag' are returned to us.
6. Flag: n1ctf{bypass_date_1s_s000_eassssy}

Original writeup (https://github.com/gum3ng/ctf_writeups/blob/main/n1ctf/n1ctf.md#1-signin-web).