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From the challenge description I know that this is multi-byte xor. I knew that the encrypted text must be a flag so I xored it with "nactf{" and got "meatlo" as a result. I began to search for the xor password length by incrementing the "meatlo". pseudo-english text was at the passlen of 7 so I knew that the password must be 7*x characters long. I started bruteforcing it letter by letter and looking if it looks more like english. At length 7 no possibility looked like full-english so I tried 14 which turned out to be the actual passlen. I found the password "meatlovers8923" and the flag

#### password: meatlovers8923

# nactf{It's about drive, it's about power, we stay hungry, we devour. Put in the work, put in the hours, and take what's oursu2niod2n3in2396}

Original writeup (https://github.com/mar232320/ctf-writeups/blob/main/nactf/2022/pizzashop2.md).