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# Challenge description

Be Admin & get the Flag.

Website Link

Note : Burte Force/Fuzzing not required and not allowed.

Flag Format: KCTF{S0m3_T3xt_Here}

**Author: TareqAhmed**


in this challenge we find ourself in a page with

Only KnightSquad agents can access this page.
So we need to set our user-agent header to KnightSquad using burp suite


then we get this

This page refers to knight squad home network. So, Only Knight Squad home network can access this page.
==> We need to set our **Referer** header to **localhost**


Checking the source code we find a jsfuck


from the jsfuck code we get this weird string

``` F`V,[email protected]<,q!$?0EpF*DPCA0

Original writeup (https://github.com/j3seer/KnightCTF-2022-WriteUps/tree/main/KnightCTF%202022/Web/Can%20you%20be%20admin).