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# Challenge description

Alex is trying to get a flag from this website. But something is wrong with the button. Can you help him to get the flag?

Note : Burte Force/Fuzzing not required and not allowed.

Flag Format: KCTF{S0M3_TEXT_H3R3}

**Author: marufmurtuza**


The website displays a **get the flag!** button but when we click the link we are redirected to

``` http://do-something-special.kshackzone.com/[email protected]_y#[email protected]_h3r3! ```

So we just urlencode it !

``` http://do-something-special.kshackzone.com/gr%40b_y%23ur_fl%40g_h3r3%21 ```

and we get our flag :

``` KCTF{Sp3cial_characters_need_t0_get_Url_enc0ded} ```

Original writeup (https://github.com/j3seer/KnightCTF-2022-WriteUps/tree/main/KnightCTF%202022/Web/Do%20Something%20Special).