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# web-intro writeup (DCTF 2022)

Hello friends, in this article we gonna take a look at the challenge web-intro from the DCTF 2022.

`Challenge description : Are you an admin?`

We are given an address to connect to the website : ``.
When entering the website we see this messages saying `Access Denied`


Looking at the source code we can’t see anything. But if we look at the cookies we can see our session.


Taking the value to jwt.io to decode it , we get the following :


`{"logged_in": false}`

As we can see We are dealing with `Flask Session Cookies` , so I googled some “flask cheat sheet hacktricks” I got this amazing article which cover the Flask Session Cookies
https://book.hacktricks.xyz/pentesting/pentesting-web/flask .
Following this article , first thing we gonna do is decoding the cookie using the following command `flask-unsign --decode --cookie 'eyJsb2dnZWRfaW4iOmZhbHNlfQ.Yg9geQ.s8MKSRemMQyS5S60QTS0lY0Xg0o’` by doing that We get the following output ( like jwt.io earlier )

Now we need to bruteforce the secret which was used to sign the original cookie and for this we gonna use this command :
`flask-unsign --unsign --cookie < cookie.txt` where `cookie.txt` is the file containing our cookie. [ We can also use this command : `flask-unsign --unsign --server <target>` ]


Quickly we get our secret key which is `password` . Now all we need to do is signing the cookie with the secret `password` but we need to change the `{"logged_in": false}` to `{"logged_in": True}` .

So the command will be : `flask-unsign --sign --cookie "{'logged_in': True}" --secret 'password'`

After doing that we get our new cookie.


Am using a cool chrome extension called `EditThisCookie` . Simply paste the value there and hit the green thingy.


Refresh the page and theeereeeee We go!! We got our flag


`flag : CTF{66bf8ba5c3ee2bd230f5cc2de57c1f09f471de8833eae3ff7566da21eb141eb7}`

I hope You enjoyed this writeup :)

PS : The challenge is available in the Educational Archive here :

Original writeup (https://github.com/itsahmed29/web-intro-writeup-DCTF-2022-).