[Original writeup source](https://barelycompetent.dev/post/ctfs/2022-03-13-utctf/#public-panic).


Navigating to the given webpage, we see a site for "Sagishi Tech". The site looks like a simple shell site, so we aren't expected to exploit it. Instead, under the **TEAM** section, we see a list of people, each of which has a Twitter link. Under each top level link from the site, I'll enumerate seemingly relevant bits of info as nested items:

* [Neil Cline](https://twitter.com/NeilCline9)
* [Britt Bryant](https://twitter.com/BrittBryant18)
* [Robyn Swanson](https://twitter.com/RobynSwanson96)
* [Sherman Kern](https://twitter.com/kern_sherman)

Sherman Kern is following:

* [Craig Wallace](https://twitter.com/CraigWa09526548)
* Robyn
* Britt
* Neil

Checking out Craig Wallace's twitter page, we see he is the CISO at Sagashi: "Sagishi Tech Chief Information Security Officer". Checking his "Tweets and Replies" section, we see a post from yet another new account, "Wade Coldwater":


If you look closely at the background, we see what looks like the flag as item 3, which when submitted, is accepted.

Flag is `utflag{situational_awareness_is_key}`.

Original writeup (https://barelycompetent.dev/post/ctfs/2022-03-13-utctf/#public-panic).