# Safe Opener - picoCTF 2022 - CMU Cybersecurity Competition
Reverse Engineering, 100 Points

## Description


## Safe Opener Solution

By observing the [attached code](./SafeOpener.java) we can see the following function ```openSafe```:
public static boolean openSafe(String password) {
String encodedkey = "cGwzYXMzX2wzdF9tM18xbnQwX3RoM19zYWYz";

if (password.equals(encodedkey)) {
System.out.println("Sesame open");
return true;
else {
System.out.println("Password is incorrect\n");
return false;

We can see the Base64 password ```cGwzYXMzX2wzdF9tM18xbnQwX3RoM19zYWYz```, By decoding it we get ```pl3as3_l3t_m3_1nt0_th3_saf3``` so the flag is ```picoCTF{pl3as3_l3t_m3_1nt0_th3_saf3}```.

Original writeup (https://github.com/evyatar9/Writeups/tree/master/CTFs/2022-picoCTF2022/Reverse_Engineering/100-Safe_Opener).