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## Texnology
> Online LaTeX editors are quite famous now, but are the associated risks as well?
Hint: The flag is at `/FLAG.`

### What's going on?
We have this website, which compiles LaTeX code from the text area and executes it on a remote server. If the syntax is valid, a link with the compiled PDF appears on the website.

### The solution
We googled *LaTeX command injection* and we found out [this interesting website](https://0day.work/hacking-with-latex/), which shows some ways to do command injection. We also discovered LaTeX is a Turing complete programming language and it allows us to perform operations, e.g. File I/O. Some operations were blacklisted (e.g. `\immediate`), but we tried other operations, like this one, which worked:

\read\file to\line

Original writeup (https://wiki-ulisse.fuo.fi/en/CTFs/nullcon-2022/Texnology).