# Lookey Here
*Forensics*, 100 Points
Tags: *grep*

## Description
Attackers have hidden information in a very large mass of data in the past, maybe they are still doing it.
Download the data here.

## Hints
Download the file and search for the flag based on the known prefix.

## Solution
The question tag is grep, indicating that the question is related to grep, which is a command to search for patterns of text and strings within a file.

Knowing that the flag is in the format `picoCTF{text}`, we can use grep to search through the text file for such patterns.

We can now run the following command in the terminal: `grep "picoCTF{.*}" anthem.flag.txt`, where `.*` indicates a string of zero or more instances of any characters.

This gives us the flag:


Original writeup (https://github.com/yanganyi/writeup-picoctf-2022/tree/main/Forensics/Lookey%20here).