Okay, so, I'm told to find who owns a domain. There's a cool service for this called whois.com/whois - it compiles information from lookup.icann.org, as well as TLD-specific WHOIS services, and shows us information about the domian. Generally, the person's actual name isn't shown (usually it says something along the lines of "go to [link] to contact owner, redacted for privacy"), but, in this case, `flag{ef67b2243b195eba43c7dc797b75d75b} ` was shown.. cool :)

Fun fact: if you want to report a scam website, whois.com/whois will also help you, because the registrar shown has the ability to shut down the domain, meaning the scammer now has to go find a new website to run their scam. The registrar will usually have a "report abuse" contact to report illegal content, per ICANN's policies. You could also use https://whoishostingthis.com/ to report it to the hosting provider (i.e. the company where the server that hosts the website's code is being rented from).