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The link takes us to a google doc:


Google docs have a lot of metadata that is easily parsable with a tool called [xeuledoc](https://github.com/Malfrats/xeuledoc). In this case, we get the following information:

xeuledoc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MbY-aT4WY6jcfTugUEpLTjPQyIL9pnZgX_jP8d8G2Uo/edit\?usp\=sharing
Twitter : @MalfratsInd
Github : https://github.com/Malfrats/xeuledoc

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[+] Creation date : 2022/01/05 22:58:38 (UTC)
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[+] Owner found !

Name : Amy SDCTF
Email : [email protected]
Google ID : 13481488189780380748

Now to send an email! Jumped over to my favorite email site [sharklasers](https://gitlab.com/newyork167/ctf/-/blob/main/sharklasers.com) and sent out a very demanding email to Amy. Had to wait a bit but finally got an email back!


`Flag: sdctf{0p3n_S0uRCE_1S_aMaz1NG}`

Original writeup (https://gitlab.com/newyork167/ctf/-/blob/main/2022/SDCTF/OSINT/Google%20Ransom/readme.md).