# Challenge description

So we can use the credentials in the description to login:

**Username: LexMACS and Password: !codetigerORZ**
After we log in we can aceess the `/home` page and we were welcomed with:
If we click the morse code it will just alert the decoded string "HEHEHAW".

Taking a look at the source code we can find a link `/3ar1y-4cc35s` to download the game.
Visiting the link we get this :
Of course we would never click there ? because we already got rickrolled enough ?
So why not to follow the steps and see what we can get.But before we do we should notice this :
`Beware! This edition is very buggy and may have some surprise sound effects!`
which was a hint to focus with the musci/audio files in the game.

## **Step1**
So we downloaded the game and exracted the files with binwalk.`binwalk --dd ".*" trashroyale.exe`
In the exacted files there was only one audio file so let's see what's in it.
Through the file in audacity and we got :
It's clearly a morse code (we can even get that just from playing the file).

We got the morse code `.... ...-- .... ...-- .... ...-- .... ....- .-- - .... .-. . . -.-. .-. --- .-- -.` which decodes to "H3H3H3H4WTHREECROWN".

## **Step 2 H3H3H3**
After I got that string I just got stucked for a while because I thought that there is another step according to this :

So I downloaded the image and tired steghide with "H3H3H3H4WTHREECROWN" as password but I got nothing.
After a while I thought maybe that was just the flag hh but when I submitted it it was wrong becasue I missed a "T" in "LITCTF" :)
And I only got this because the same thing happened in Murder Mystery challenge hhh.
So after spending a lot of time in a rabbit hole
I got the two challenges in a minute.