This challenge was just a **patched** version of [web/EYANGCH Fan Art Maker ](https://ctftime.org/writeup/34669)
The only difference between the two is :
app.post('/makeArt', (req, res) => {
var code = req.body.code;
const secretPassword = require("crypto").randomBytes(8).toString('hex');
var flag = `
<component name="flag" password="` + secretPassword + `">
<text color="black" font="bold 10pt Arial">` + (process.env.FLAG ?? "ctf{flag}") + `</text>

<flag x="100" y="400" password="` + secretPassword + `"></flag>

So now we can't use the flag component to print the flag in a different place.
But we already got a solution for that :)
So we can just reuse the same code.

`<component name="EYANGOTZ"></component>`

And here is our flag


# FLAG `LITCTF{3y4ngCH_15_l1k3_ju5t_s0_g3n10sit4}`