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# Prompt
> Cheers for that, I'm assuming you've worked out that I'm YouTuber... What's my channel name?
> Note: This challenge assumes you have solved [Honk Honk](https://applegamer22.github.io/posts/downunderctf/honk_honk/) before attempting.
# Solution
1. Search for `23HONK` on YouTube
1. The first [result](https://youtu.be/-aIYaOV04g8) from the [Mighty Car Mods](https://www.youtube.com/c/mightycarmods) channel features a NSW vehicle registration plate of `23HONK`:

**Flag**: `DUCTF{MightyCarMods}`

Original writeup (https://applegamer22.github.io/posts/downunderctf/does_it_fit_my_ctf/).