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# elytra - Beginner (50 pts)

## Description
> I beat the game! But where's the flag?

### Provided files
iwon.txt - a plaintext file \[[download](https://ctfnote.shinmai.wtf:31337/files/downloadFile?id=FwMibBXASf8LXCb)\]

### Ideas and observations
1. googling the task name, [elytra](https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Elytra) are a rare end-game item in the game Minecraft
2. googling part of the text file, it's the [End Poem](https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/End_Poem) (found in the Java Edition's `client.jar` at `assets/minecraft/texts/end.txt`) a poem penned by Julian Gough that appears to players at the end of a Minecraft playthrough before the credits crawl.
- the raw text from `end.txt` has some byte-sequences replaced before the text is displayed to the player, in `iwon.txt` the `PLAYERNAME` sequence is replaced with `doubledelete`, the line begining `§2` and `§3` are stripped, and the `§f§k§a§b§3` denoting scrambled text is replaced with `[scrambled]`

### Notes
1. comparing the original `end.txt` with the aforementioned replacements with `iwon.txt` shows some line-ending differences
2. not all lines are different, though, some lines in `iwon.txt` are `\r\n` terminated, others are `\n` terminated

### Solution script
from Crypto.Util.number import long_to_bytes

text=open('iwon.txt','r', newline='').read()
flag_l = int(''.join(['1' if x[-1] == '\r' else '0' for x in o.split('\n') if len(x) > 0]),2)


Original writeup (https://gist.github.com/shinmai/5720d1f0a214d0878cfb530eb975c469#elytra---beginner-50-pts).