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# Limited Characters - Misc (439 pts)

## Description
> Keyboards are expensive, so I've decided to be nice and cut down on the unnecessary real estate. Enjoy your low form-factor python terminal!
> nc limited-characters.wolvctf.io 1337

### Provided files
`jail.py` - the Python source for the server \[[download](https://ctfnote.shinmai.wtf:31337/files/downloadFile?id=UC4oDtpjylXx32Y)\]
Dockerfile - the Dockerfile for the container hosting the challenge \[[download](https://ctfnote.shinmai.wtf:31337/files/downloadFile?id=hZuLpEOljlbPAjr)\]

## Ideas and observations
1. A python jail challenge where a payload for `exec(eval(code))` must be constructed that causes the contents of `flag.txt` to be output to stdout but that only contains chracters from the set `1

Original writeup (https://gist.github.com/shinmai/5720d1f0a214d0878cfb530eb975c469#limited-characters---misc-439-pts).