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Hey! Here's the code for your free tickets to the rock concert! I just can't remember what I made the password...

**Knowledge required :**

1) fcrackzip tool (or other zip password cracking tool)


1) Downloading the file reveals it to be zip
2) Trying to unzip it requires a password
Archive: we_will_rock_you.zip
[we_will_rock_you.zip] we_will_rock_you/flag.txt password:
3) The first thing to try is to bruteforce it.The challenge name actually hints to the rockyou.txt wordlist.
4) Bruteforcing the password with fcrackzip using the rockyou.txt wordlist reveals the password :
fcrackzip -b -D -p /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt -u ./we_will_rock_you.zip

PASSWORD FOUND!!!!: pw == michigan4ever
5) Unzipping the file with the password gives us the flag