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[Video writeup here!](https://youtu.be/giG21dPkZ18?t=401)

The TCC storyline is much more in line with traditional OSINT research.
The first challenge tells us about a specific website and a Discord server that used to be linked inside and now is no longer there.

Looking at the site there is no reference to the mentioned Discord, however, we can look for some older site versions in some public caches or historical archives.
The three I always try are Google Cache, which in this case has a too-recent version of the site, Webpage archive, which again has a too-recent version, and Wayback Machine, which in this case has cached the version with Discord and allows us to get the server link through the website footer.

Once accessed the server, we get the first flag.

Original writeup (https://maoutis.github.io/writeups/InfoSec%20Education/2023-05-16-OSINT/).