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[Video writeup here!](https://youtu.be/giG21dPkZ18?t=442)

The second challenge refers to a secret page on the TCC website. Looking at the page, we can see we are asked 4 different questions to proceed.
The first question is about the position of the TCC team in their latest disputed CTF. We can easily get this information by looking for the team on CTFtime.

The second question is about the company whose p1ku is working for. Since we have p1ku's email thanks to the contact page, we can perform a quoted search of his email and look at the results that appear to us.
One of the various results is his CV. We can download it or open it with Google Cache, discovering that p1ku works for Leidos.

The third question is about Bree’s favorite CTF category. The information is easily guessable both from the TCC members page, where Bree used #miscgang to describe itself, as well from the Discord channel, where Bree says that he would have participated in a CTF if there had been Misc challenges.

The fourth and last question is about a gift that Blub is going to buy. The solution to this question is not so immediate.
On the TCC discord server, there is a sub-thread named “Gift” where Blub asked his teammates for some ideas. The thread never mentions exactly what the gift is, but it ends with Blub saying he will buy some storage thing.
During the discussion, however, some important clues are given. First, the name of the bride is Bulberina. Second, p1ku and blub suggest there is a public list from which anyone can choose a gift.

Before the end of CTF, I was not aware of this, but I later discovered that there are public wedding lists on Amazon called “Amazon Registries” that anyone can access. We can go to this page and search for Bulberina.
Only one list appears. We can search and submit all the “storage” stuff brands, eventually discovering that the response for the fourth question is the “Shazo” brand.

Original writeup (https://youtu.be/giG21dPkZ18?t=401).