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[Video writeup here!](https://youtu.be/giG21dPkZ18?t=555)

TCC3 is all about diff-comparing the member’s page with the contacts one. We must find some contact information for one of the members that are Out of Office.
From the contacts page, we can get every TCC member’s email, except the mach0 one. We can see however that all of them follow the same pattern, so we can easily guess that mach0 email is [email protected].
Sending an email to every address, we receive an Out Of Office response from mach0, which contains among the various thing also its number.
We can investigate the information related to the phone number as well as other information using the tools provided inside the OSINT Framework.
In this case, however, we can simply obtain the resulting TCC3 flag by calling mach0’s telephone number.

Original writeup (https://maoutis.github.io/writeups/InfoSec%20Education/2023-05-16-OSINT/).