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[Video writeup here!](https://youtu.be/giG21dPkZ18?t=610)

For the last challenge, we must find the Twitter profile of mach0 and discover the secret information he’s disclosing.
We can try to see if some free OSINT services online can identify his profile using his email, but unfortunately, the only one that worked didn’t give us the actual URL.
Looking at the p1ku followers and following profiles, nothing showed up. Searching for the “macho” keyword on Twitter, well… you'd better not see the results.

At this point, we can try the Twitter Advanced Search. This kind of search allows us to specify keywords we wanna include or exclude, search for specific words or sentences, specify a time window, and much more.
Basically, it’s a reinterpretation of Google Dorks inside Twitter.
I started searching for the mach0 signature he always wrote, but without finding anything useful.
I also checked for some possible sentences inspired by the Discord messages that he could have written, but also in this case nothing worked.

After a lot of trial and error, useless research, and lots of macho-man tweets, I finally found the Mach Oke profile simply searching for his name and surname.
And even now I don't understand how it is possible that the search engine indexed this profile without it containing any of the two words.

Scrolling through the tweets, however, we can notice a Pastebin link that once opened, delivers us the final flag for the TCC storyline.

Original writeup (https://maoutis.github.io/writeups/InfoSec%20Education/2023-05-16-OSINT/).