# Walkthrough link is in Spanish

The challenge involved a Google Spreadsheet, with a main Sheet named `Goose Chase` and a **hidden** sheet, named `The Way To The Goose`

You needed to create a copy of the spreadsheet, open it and select the `The Way To The Goose` sheet

Once you're on the copy sheet, click on `View -> Show -> Formulas`

You'll find a cell with a formula that will contain a URL to _another_ Google Spreadsheet

After opening that link, you need to either press `Ctrl+u` or right-click and select `View source` to open the source HTML of that spreadsheet page

Now that you have the source code, just search for the keyword `flag`, and you'll find the flag~!

Original writeup (https://lachokds.github.io/ctf/2023/06/17/nahamcon-ctf-2023-walkthrough.html#goose-chase).