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Listening to the wav file, we instantly hear it is morse code, so heading to a typical morse decoder such as at [morsecode.world](https://morsecode.world/international/decoder/audio-decoder-adaptive.html) we decode the wav file to be:
**G I V E M E T H E F L A G L O L**

Now to take on board the hint in the challenge: “read everything carefully”, the wav file is called LOLisCapatlized.wav, so it hints the morse we decoded should actually be **givemetheflagLOL**, with LOL capitalized. Using this as a password with steghide on the image STEG_O_SAURS.jpeg gives us the following:
UDCTF{01111001 01000000 01010101 01011111 01100011 01000001 01011110 01101110 01011111 01101000 00100001 01100100 00110011 00111111 01011111 01101100 01001111 01101100 01011111 01110011 01010100 00110011 01000111 01101111}

Which when converted from binary with Cyberchef gives us our flag: **UDCTF{y@UcA^nh!d3?lOlsT3Go}**