**Author:** GodVenn

**Challenge Description:**
Help! My Mario game has been H A C K E D :( Also, I can't find my password that I stored in my secret password file... Did the culprit hide it in the game?


## Solve
**Strategy and Execution:**

Our approach to solving the "? BROKEN MARIO ?" challenge was an exercise in resilience and strategy, albeit a somewhat frustrating one. The task at hand was to play through a hacked version of a Mario game, which will go down in history as being notorious for its poor controls and challenging gameplay.

### Challenge Mechanics:

The key to uncovering the flag lay in the game's "blocks." These blocks needed to be hit in a precise order to reveal the flag. Any incorrect move resulted in the puzzle resetting, adding an extra layer of difficulty.

### Brute Force Approach:
Our method was essentially brute force. We painstakingly tested each block to determine the correct sequence. To manage this chaotic process, we developed a systematic approach: always starting from the first block and progressing linearly. This strategy, while not necessarily faster than random attempts, was instrumental in maintaining order and determining the next correct block in the sequence. The importance of this systematic approach cannot be overstated, as it was crucial in handling the numerous attempts we had to make.

### Challenge Design:
Fortunately, the challenge creator did not design the puzzle to maximize the time required to solve it. In the worst-case scenario, a brute-force strategy might have required us to make n! (factorial) attempts, where n is the number of blocks. However, the actual sequence was less burdensome, allowing us to eventually uncover the correct order and retrieve the flag.


**Flag Captured:** `EPT{1UiG!_w4$_h3R3}`

Original writeup (https://github.com/ept-team/equinor-ctf-2023/tree/main/writeups/Reversing/Broken%20Mario/munintrollet).