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# dicedicegoose

in this challenge we have a game that looks like this


we can control the dice using W-S-A-D keys and the black square is randomly moves. and when the dice reach the black square a prompt ask for name and show the score which is the number of moves we make.

by looking into the [source code](https://github.com/rbih-boulanouar/DiceCTF-2024-Quals/blob/main/web/dicedicegoose/challenge.html) we can see a long JavaScript code that is running the game. in that code we have a function called `win`.

function win(history) {
const code = encode(history) + ";" + prompt("Name?");

const saveURL = location.origin + "?code=" + code;

const score = history.length;

display.children[1].innerHTML = "Your score was: " + score + "";
display.children[2].href =
"https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=" +
"Can you beat my score of " + score + " in Dice Dice Goose?",
) +
"&url=" +

if (score === 9) log("flag: dice{pr0_duck_gam3r_" + encode(history) + "}");

the function take a parameter called `history` which is an array of the position of the dice and the black square each time we move the dice. so the length of `history` is the score.


`win` function test if `score === 9` and if its true print the flag + the the encoded `history`. and it's only triggers when the dice and the black square has the same y and x.

if (player[0] === goose[0] && player[1] === goose[1]) {
won = true;

so what we need to do is win the game with the score 9.


first we set history to an array that solve the game and has a length of 9. the only solution is this array.

`history = [[[0,1],[9,9]]

we can now use the browser console to run `win` function with the new `history` array.

and we got the flag


Original writeup (https://rbih-boulanouar.github.io/DiceCTF-2024-Quals/web/dicedicegoose/).