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binwalk -e A_Real_Space_Hero.jpg

python code to merge all images into single image

from PIL import Image

Define the dimensions of the final image
final_width = 4000
final_height = 4000

Create a new blank image with the final dimensions
final_image = Image.new('RGB', (final_width, final_height), (255, 255, 255))

Iterate through all 400 images
for i in range(20):
for j in range(20):
Open each PNG image
img = Image.open(f'piece_{i * 20 + j}.png')

Calculate the position to paste the image
x_position = j * 20
y_position = i * 20

Paste the image onto the final image
final_image.paste(img, (x_position, y_position))

Save the final image

scan image from qr code and get flag from https://scanqr.org/image-qr-code-scan...


Original writeup (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8vgWWbN2Uk).