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</span>Reversing 50 (F#ck)

A wild inappropriately named reverse engineering challenge appears!The attachment contains a single Windows executable file named “FlagGenerator.exe”. Upon closer inspection (via a text editor), one would see that the executable is a .NET assembly.


  1. Open the “FlagGenerate.exe” file with ILSpy
  2. View the decompilation for “FlagGenerator/-/Program”
  3. Create a Visual Studio Project
  4. Add the “FSharp.Core” assembly to the References of your project
  5. Copy all of the imports in the decompilation to your project
  6. Copy the entire “Program” class to your project
  7. Replace all instances of teArr@9 to teArrat9 (or any other valid name) to suppress some of the syntax errors


  8. Replace entire main method with a call to Program.get_flag(“t#hs_siht_kc#f”) and and print of its return value


  9. Run the program, copy the output, and pass it as an argument to “FlagGenerator.exe”

  10. The flag is “EKO{f#ck_this_sh#t}”