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Reversing 100 (Old times)

The attachment contains a single iSeries (AS400) Save File (SAVF). The challenge is pretty straightforward. You just need to explore the contents of the SAVF file using an appropriate viewer application in order to find the flag. For this challenge, I opted to use Julian Wong‘s ViewSavF program.

  1. Open the SAVF file using ViewSavF
  2. Go to Library/Part1/EKOPARTY(PF)/CHALLENGE1 and you will find the flag there
  3. The flag is “EKO{0ld_t1m3s_n3v3r_c0m3_b4ck}”

Original writeup (https://penafieljlm.wordpress.com/2016/10/29/ekoparty-ctf-2016-write-ups/#rev-100).