# Vermatrix Supreme (crypto 100)
hangout.py is the code of server.
After looks through the code of server, we find that it encrypt by
``` python
def fixmatrix(matrixa, matrixb):
out = [[0 for x in xrange(3)] for x in xrange(3)]
for rn in xrange(3):
for cn in xrange(3):
out[cn][rn] = (int(matrixa[rn][cn])|int(matrixb[cn][rn]))&~(int(matrixa[rn][cn])&int(matrixb[cn][rn]))
return out
(a|b)&~(a&b) is actually a^b
So we only needs to XOR the string back by its permutation. The seed is arranged to 3*3 matrixes, and transpose every iteration. After some try and error we figure out the solution (solve.py).

Original writeup (https://github.com/CTFwriteup-ZeroDimension/HackTheVote/tree/master/VermatrixSupreme).